Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Alaska's Harbor Seal skin jewelry

Most People have a thing called a "Bucket list" if you don't know what it is google should become your Best friend , One item on mine was to learn to make Alaskan Native crafts.  I went and tried beading with small beads, I didn't take to it very well.  So, I asked some Fellow sewers to no avail.  Apparently they have to accept you before they let you in on their secret sewing society, (I'm totally kidding in a positive way that this is why they couldn't help me.)   Any how I started practicing and I started to remember how to tack beads down and this is where it started leading me:

What you see there is a piece of a Seal skin that I shot (yes you read that right) I shot in the Prince William Sound out of Whittier, Alaska, using a .223 Winchester which I received as a gift.  Some gift, I know right? where are the diamonds and roses? none the less it has led me to create the beautiful piece you see below. I ordered metal bangle bracelets and the pearls at fire mountain gems for a great price.  I took a piece of paper and outlined the outside of the adjustable bracelet and used that as a pattern to carefully cut out pieces of the seal skin.  I wasn't sure which way to face the fur as you can see I chose horizontal.  I also used some dyed deer skin from the local fur store to have something to tack the pearls too. It took me about 2 hours to sew this with some dental floss like string, the out come was so pretty that I'm trying not to hoard every bracelet I make, as you know these things cost money. Still, I have a couple of these in my closet. 

The one thing I enjoyed most about this little project, is that even though I haven't been taught how to make traditional Alaskan Native clothing and jewelry. Is that, I love how gorgeous this idea turned out!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fabulous French Lilac roll top desk

I started a recent habit and knew immediately when I saw this piece that I had to share it with anyone interested in my finished prize.  I have always wanted to start blogging I have many interests.  This restyled Roll top is the most recent diamond in the rough . I found this piece at an  Anchorage Salvation Army at 50% off which I paid 31 dollars and some change for. I should have taken into account that it weighs as much is I probably do or darn near close before I took it home.

Hope Lorena's photo.

After getting the desk moved from mid Anchorage to Chugiak, Alaska, I had left it for a couple of weeks while I finished a rifle cabinet that I started a week prior to finding this..  So, three weeks later I decided to get working on this as the brown makes me cringe. I used French Lilac spray paint in Satin to cover the roll cover and the insides of the drawers.. 

As you can see I have help to screw the re finished hardware back together, 5 year old's are so spunky you can get them to do anything if it looks fun.  I was originally going to replace the hardware, yet, when I sprayed 2 coats of brushed nickel paint on them they were just too pretty and provincial to let go. 

After all of the imagination and help from a very spry 5 year old this piece is done, It is so uplifting to look at, I am So happy with it. Also, I bought the very sturdy chair for $5 I took the seat off and added some left over new carpet padding to it (cheap fix), flipped the wood base over as it had a bow in it. I re stapled some tweed material over the padding that I had leftover from a project that I never finished a year ago.   I want to thank you for taking the time to look at my first blog.

Hope and Avi