Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm bypassing defeat today

Do you ever get the feeling of defeat? I had that feeling a few minutes ago when I realized that I haven't had a call back yet for a job that I applied, although to be fair, the 2 week mark of my trades opening hasn't been reached.  I had to stop and  rethink about this "defeat."  I needed to reflect on what I did today and  be grateful for my ambition to build the website that I just built this morning (Praise for the creator of A.I.) and to me,  that is worth more than the union scale I would be receiving to build someone elses business.

It's just the start of my online business, but I started and that is what counts. Right? I have to remember, do I want to have the job I applied for? Or do I want to start building the dream that follows my mindful thoughts incessantly?  I think the latter.

I have taught myself the basics in moccasin making, I call it the Gwich'in-Tlingit fusion slipper.  They are inspired by my Alaskan Native Heritage. I believe in this company Sakari's Fur  So much that I never stop thinking about Ideas to one day soon have my own brick and mortar shop here in Valdez, Alaska.  Or in our case A log cabin. I would like to see it filled with seal skin and sea otter slippers head bands and other products such as mugs, shirts and sweaters as well as of course my personal Shabby chic furniture up-cycles. It is such a lovely dream to build upon everyday, And I thank every one of you again for purchasing my products.

Until I can build my little dream cabin here is the link to my online shop, although new and quite empty yet, I'd love your feed back Either here in the comments or on F.B, Gmail or e-mail.  Until the next time, Thank you for your time.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spotted Seal hunting in Alaska

I went Seal and Sea Otter hunting for the first time in the spring of 2013 in a small Kodiak Island village.  It was so successful that the host of our hunting trip wouldn't allow me to sit around and skin hides he instructed "Hope you can drop the knife and grab a new gas can, get back out there.  The other lady (she doesn't get a feature here) can finish your hides."  Well, My husband and I pleaded to just skin our own hides as we had about nine Northern Sea Otter's the first morning we were out.  To our dismay and hers, we dropped the knives and proceeded to shoot 6 more Otter's and he a Spotted seal which was on the move in a pod of about 21.  It was life changing, to say the least, watching an Inupiaq from Kotzebue, Alaska, hunt with such precision while standing in a moving skiff. I took photos and ran the small motor boat so we stayed just close enough to the moving pod so that he can shoot with obvious skill.  We only went back to the dock to offload the six huge Sea otters.  That is all we could carry on the boat. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Alaska's Harbor Seal skin jewelry

Most People have a thing called a "Bucket list" if you don't know what it is google should become your Best friend , One item on mine was to learn to make Alaskan Native crafts.  I went and tried beading with small beads, I didn't take to it very well.  So, I asked some Fellow sewers to no avail.  Apparently they have to accept you before they let you in on their secret sewing society, (I'm totally kidding in a positive way that this is why they couldn't help me.)   Any how I started practicing and I started to remember how to tack beads down and this is where it started leading me:

What you see there is a piece of a Seal skin that I shot (yes you read that right) I shot in the Prince William Sound out of Whittier, Alaska, using a .223 Winchester which I received as a gift.  Some gift, I know right? where are the diamonds and roses? none the less it has led me to create the beautiful piece you see below. I ordered metal bangle bracelets and the pearls at fire mountain gems for a great price.  I took a piece of paper and outlined the outside of the adjustable bracelet and used that as a pattern to carefully cut out pieces of the seal skin.  I wasn't sure which way to face the fur as you can see I chose horizontal.  I also used some dyed deer skin from the local fur store to have something to tack the pearls too. It took me about 2 hours to sew this with some dental floss like string, the out come was so pretty that I'm trying not to hoard every bracelet I make, as you know these things cost money. Still, I have a couple of these in my closet. 

The one thing I enjoyed most about this little project, is that even though I haven't been taught how to make traditional Alaskan Native clothing and jewelry. Is that, I love how gorgeous this idea turned out!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fabulous French Lilac roll top desk

I started a recent habit and knew immediately when I saw this piece that I had to share it with anyone interested in my finished prize.  I have always wanted to start blogging I have many interests.  This restyled Roll top is the most recent diamond in the rough . I found this piece at an  Anchorage Salvation Army at 50% off which I paid 31 dollars and some change for. I should have taken into account that it weighs as much is I probably do or darn near close before I took it home.

Hope Lorena's photo.

After getting the desk moved from mid Anchorage to Chugiak, Alaska, I had left it for a couple of weeks while I finished a rifle cabinet that I started a week prior to finding this..  So, three weeks later I decided to get working on this as the brown makes me cringe. I used French Lilac spray paint in Satin to cover the roll cover and the insides of the drawers.. 

As you can see I have help to screw the re finished hardware back together, 5 year old's are so spunky you can get them to do anything if it looks fun.  I was originally going to replace the hardware, yet, when I sprayed 2 coats of brushed nickel paint on them they were just too pretty and provincial to let go. 

After all of the imagination and help from a very spry 5 year old this piece is done, It is so uplifting to look at, I am So happy with it. Also, I bought the very sturdy chair for $5 I took the seat off and added some left over new carpet padding to it (cheap fix), flipped the wood base over as it had a bow in it. I re stapled some tweed material over the padding that I had leftover from a project that I never finished a year ago.   I want to thank you for taking the time to look at my first blog.

Hope and Avi